What Are The Types Of Bet That You Can Make In Online Sports Betting?

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Betting with real money on sports is among the favorite pastimes in the world. By several estimates, people wager on hundreds of billions of dollar every year on sports, with a hundred million bet on betting site online like the Sportsqq288.com The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia. The reason why it is famous is because this makes it more exciting to watch sports, and it can be lucrative for people who take time to learn about picking winners, odds, line shopping, how to use the bonuses online profitably, and What Are The Types Of Bet That You Can Make In Online Sports Betting?

What Are The Types Of Bet That You Can Make In Online Sports Betting?

What Are The Types Of Bet That You Can Make In Online Sports Betting?
What Are The Types Of Bet That You Can Make In Online Sports Betting?

Point Spread Bets

This type of online sports betting has been said to have been invented by Charles K McNeil of Chicago in 1940, a math professor who used it in his own bookmarking operation. These days, the point spread is the best and popular way of betting on the 2 wagered most frequently upon sports in the United States – basketball and football.

On the other hand, if you are betting on the New Orleans Saints, you will be subtracting 10.5 pts. From the Saints’ score at the end of the game and compared it with the actual score of Lions to determine which team wins. Also, keep in mind that all point spread wagers have a price. With most Las Vegas sport books and bookies, when the price is not otherwise stated, -110 will be assumed.

This additional price that you have been charged is referred to as juice or vig and this is how bookies and betting sites make their profit. When you bet online, you will find prices commonly listed and they are not the same for both sides.

Moneyline Bets

It is a wage on which the team will be winning a game and it is the most popular way of betting on baseball and hockey, but it also exists for football, basketball, and other sports. In this kind of wager, the payout is the same no matter how many points or runs the team you wagered on wins by. On the other hand, if you are a beginner on sports betting, you will have to understand the US odds, as it would be a big part of money line betting.

US odds are always using three or more digit of whole number, which is expressed as either negative or positive. When you deal with a negative money line, it will represent how much you need to stake if you want to win a hundred dollars.

Over/Under Bets – Totals

The final type of bets is the easiest to understand – the Totals Betting. In this betting type, you will be wagering on whether the total number of scored points by both teams will be under or over the posted total of betting. One example of this is the baseball game. This bet might be over or under 8.5 runs, in basketball over or under 200 points, in hockey over or under 5.5 scores, and in football over or under 40.5 points.

The same holds true for the point spread, unless otherwise stated. There will be an assumption offered at -110, risking 110 dollars to win 100 dollars, although at online betting websites, it is commonly stated.

What Else Do You Need To Do In Sports Betting?

As soon as you know the types of bets that you can make, your next move is to head over to your favorite sports book and get some of your best strategies in practice. If you are new to online sports betting, you may find several tips to help you understand the basics of betting sports game online, along with the knowledge about these 3 major types of betting.

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