NBA Playoffs Online Betting Tips

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The NBA playoff betting offers fans many opportunities to make some extra cash especially when you will going to play on The biggest online sports betting site in Malaysia. At this event, the team that goes all the way to the championships and win it can play a total series of four seven-games. With a total of four rounds and 16 teams playing in the playoffs, there’s a lot of opportunity to get great wealth for the avid online sports bettor. Here are some NBA Playoffs Online Betting Tips that can help you get started on betting on this event.

NBA Playoffs Online Betting Tips

The First Round

One of the best chances for online sports bettors to make money. That’s because on each conference’s first seed meets the eighth and on the second meets the seventh. This is because that since NBA adopted its playoff format in 1984, with only two 8-seeds advance out of the first round. Mostly 8 seed is destined to be out in four or five games. This is also true on the seventh seed, although only on the seventh seed might win a game or two. The third seed plays against the sixth seed, and the fourth plays the fifth seed. These may be a little more difficult to overcome, so unless you have great knowledge or inner knowledge, be wary of these clashes.

The Other rounds

The other rounds can be more difficult as the teams tend to be more even. However, if a team in the opening round has played the spoiler, they may be in big trouble in the second round. It is very difficult for a low seed NBA to survive the first round, and even harder for them to take the games against their next opponent.

In betting in the next two rounds, be sure to carefully study how the initial round was played. You should take into account any injuries that may have occurred, the age of the equipment and the duration and difficulty of the previous series. Of course, you will also create your clashes, which will be crucial to creating a precise handicap scenario.

Home Court

The local court is huge in the NBA playoffs, especially when the teams are even. In fact, basketball tends to be the sport that actually offers a big boost to the hometown. Why is this the case? Consider the fact that basketball fans are crowded around the court. There is not a fence or wall that separates them from the action and they are literally in the yard and in, filling all the sand with sound. That means that a noisy, bustling crowd can influence both players and officials. Always weighs on the local court during the playoffs. It could be the deciding factor when a game is projected to be near.


Once you start a series, you will need to be aware of each game. Each series will have its own ebb and flow. Stay focused on the next game and use the latest game in your handicap. The NBA playoffs are a completely new season where anything can happen. The momentum in games can change quickly, and many teams can recover from a large loss suffered in a previous game. If you have been betting during the regular season, you should have a good idea of ​​the strengths and weaknesses of each club. These will be amplified during the postseason. Bet accordingly.

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