Method to Enjoy Betting at Soccer HT/FT

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Each round of the football match is an opportunity for any sports bettor. Especially for those who use betting half time/full time (HT/FT). This bet is not the main bet and classified as a betting specials; however, the betting odds offered at HT/FT is higher and more profitable than the main bet. You can use these bets on different matches in the best leagues like the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A in Italy, and more.

Higher odds on betting HT/FT bet this makes it more difficult to win at The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site in Malaysia. You have to predict the outcome of the match for half time and full time. Of course this is not an easy thing. Predicting the full-time result of the match alone is troublesome, particularly when combined with the results of half-time. You should have a careful and thorough preparation to take advantage of the opportunities available on betting HT/FT.

Method to Enjoy Betting at Soccer HT/FT

Method to Enjoy Betting at Soccer HT/FT
Method to Enjoy Betting at Soccer HT/FT

Understanding the available options

Bets HT/FT consists of nine options that include home-home, home-draw, home-away, draw-home, draw-draw, draw-away, away-home, away-draw, away-away. The calculation is done by making the product of odds on bets 1×2 for two as the maximum duration. If the odds for a home in HT was 1.80 and for the FT is 1.24, then the odds for a home-home results will not be more than 1,80 x 1,24 2,32 alias. This calculation also applies to other results.

Understanding these options and odds that are available will help you to profit from betting HT/FT. In addition, you should also look at other tendencies that can be detected based on the odds handicap. Handicap is one indicator that can be used to estimate the results of half time or full time. If you choose Best online sports bookie website & Asia top free bets bookmaker, then you will find that teams that compete are usually difficult to pass a given handicap. If the handicap given is above 1.00, then the team is likely able to win the match.

Check the trends

The performance of a team is an indicator that can be used to estimate how likely a team to win the game. You should check the performance of the team in five previous matches, the number of goals scored and conceded at half time and full time, head-to-head from both teams, and lots more. Recommendations from the tipster could also be a reference to determine the outcome of the match. In essence, you have to learn a variety of information just like when you bet on other types of bets.

Put more than 1 bets

If you think there are many possibilities that can happen in a game, then you should be placing bets on several options. Moreover, some betting options available at HT/FT offering odds exceed 3. You can bet on three options at once on the choices that offer odds over the 4. Of course with the proviso that you bet on the choices that are likely to occur.

Take the risks

Do not be afraid to take risks. This dramatic change could occur in a football game. The team that missed the first goal in the first half could have won by a margin of three goals in the second half. Likewise with mediocre team that might steal a goal of a strong team in the first 15 minutes of the match and was able to maintain those results until the game ends. You should not hesitate to choose the high odds that seemed difficult to happen. As long as you think the probability of occurrence of these results is above 10%, immediately bet on the highest odds.

Avoid the big match

You should avoid the big match between the two teams featured if you want to bet HT/FT. Rivalry and unpredictable results make Big Match game is not the right choice for betting HT/FT. In addition, you also need to avoid a derby game that is filled with rivalry and long history. If you choose the right match at Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets, then the highest profit potential can be enjoyed by you.

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