Ice Skating its Interesting Facts

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Sport is the interesting game being played and loved by all. Some play the games to relax, for finding enjoyment with friends. So that it adds love bonds between friends and relatives. There are different kinds of sports like indoor and outdoor games. Some love plays indoor and outdoor. Games are governed by rules and regulations by juries.

Ice Skating its Interesting Facts

Without the proper rules and regulations game won’t be fair. Some people love to play in the water like in ponds, rivers, and lakes. Playing in the water, ice is enjoyed full moments for the players and non-participants. A game like ice skating is the wonderful game being played on ice. In this article people who love to play in ice can adopt this game.

About the game

Ice skating is the game played on ice with the help of ice skates. This game is played in ice surfaces of tracks and parks and in outdoor surfaces like ponds, lakes and rivers. This game is played for the reasons like to make exercise, traveling sense and various sports activities. This is the sporting event can play in the game mode and also in informal mode. Playing in ice gives more fun. This is the single player game to play.

How to play?

Ice skating is an interesting game and it can be played with fun and enjoyment. Here are the steps you can learn how to play ice skating

  • At first, you should learn to balance by holding your arms so that you can move faster.
  • Not too stiff the body, if it so then skating will be difficult.
  • Bend your knees fully and bend forward and make a move
  • Stay near to the sides of the ice rink
  • In standing, place itself make a move
  • Walk on the ice with the help of your skates
  • Practice to fall and safe landing
  • Look the direction where you are moving but not your feet
  • Skate gently forward, left and right sides
  • Learn to put brake
  • Improve the balance by skating

By these above methods, you can play skating easily.

Dressing styles for skating

Players should play in ice only. So those players want to concentrate on your dressings while skating. Here are the tips how to dress well and they are

  • Figure skates
  • Ice skate apparel like leggings
  • Sweater or jacket
  • socks

Skating skills

After knowing how to play the game you should know tips for playing. Skating skills are very much important for this game. If you know the skill only you can easily skate and enjoy well. Here the skating skills

  • If you think that you are going to fall then bend your knees and out arms on side to prevent from falling
  • Do squats. This helps in tightening thigh and balancing
  • Always practice falling
  • At the time of falling hold your finger and push your arms so that your falling will be safe
  • Practice standing up and learn to move forward.

Basic skills

For beginners, there are four basic skills to learn. These skills are important factor to know because of this skill only you can skate very easily and they are

  • Gliding – while marching put balance and maintains your weight on one foot and by anther feet makes a move
  • Stroking – start moving forward and backward it is called stroking. This helps you to balance while skating
  • Swizzles – this is the easiest technique and helps to move forward without bringing feet off the ice.
  • Crossovers – important skill to be practiced well to turn around the corners.

Finally, ice skating helps in balancing through fun and entertainment. The game improves joint flexibility, muscle tone, and self-confidence. Fresh air and the sunshine help in maintaining the mental fitness of the body.

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