How Standard Bonus Rounds Typically Work In Slot Games

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The Slots are one of the most popular games in casinos, both online and offline. They are so popular that over 70 percent of the games are of this type. They are more fun, have a lot of variety, are easier to play and often have a bonus rounds on offer. More than 70% of the games offered at online casinos are slots machines. Bonus Rounds are offered to players with free credits, i.e., the player does not have to pay extra to have a go. These rounds are usually given when the player gets a particular sequence in his /her game. Listed below is an easy guide to how standard bonus rounds typically work in slot games. These bonus slot games can be a variety of types anywhere from movie themed, to mystery puzzles. These games are unlocked when a specific sequence of results are obtained. The bonus rounds can also be simple additional spins provided to the player.

How Standard Bonus Rounds Typically Work In Slot Games

Free Spin

These are one of the most popular type of bonus rounds offered in Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. They are easy to play and provide the player additional chance to win some money without spending extra on the spin. The casino in turn gets a higher repeat customer, who comes back for a play later due to the higher chance at winning. The free spins can be given as either time based spins or progressive spins. The progressive spins are the ones that are offered to players as rewards.

Casino Bonus

Many casinos offer free spins or promotional currency or both to a player before they even deposit money. This can be used to the player’s advantage to get to the bonus rounds in the slot games and master the rounds. It is important to make sure that the game being played has a bonus round.

Build up the cash

It is important to make sure that the currency or bank roll is built up, as many of these so called bonus rounds need a certain extent of cash to get activated. It is important to set aside some of that money to make sure it is not all lost on the slots. Small or minimum investment is key to winning big with minimal losses.

Take notice of pay lines

There are certain pay lines that unlock these special rounds, so it is important to take special note of these. Sometimes it can be difficult to master these, but with a lot of practice and luck it is possible to get these bonuses

Expert of the bonus round

With the free currency or spins that the person gets, if it is possible to get a bonus round, the next step to take care of is to learn how to play the bonus round. The easier a bonus round is to beat, the better the chance of someone beating the game would be.


To get to a bonus round requires a lot of time and effort, so it is very important to make sure the player has enough time to waste on getting to the bonus round and to play the bonus round.

Arcade games

The slot games with arcade themes are the best places to play slots as the bonus round have many interesting themes and plays. The games can be a movie based game like Jaws or Shangri-La or the can also have 3D games that are story based.

Slot machines with bonus rounds are always better. These games are more fun and full of risky moves. Bonus rounds are usually made available in slot games to make them less monotonous and more interesting. The other advantage is that these rounds offer a player a better chance at getting more money or chance at playing longer than the normal rounds. This makes it the better option to go for slot games with bonus rounds.

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