How Do Athletes Manage their Emotion when They are Participating in Sports

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Emotion is a driving catalyst that leads an athlete to undergo a havoc psychological upheaval. Nevertheless, we often come across a term in our regular conversation, the ‘Sportsman’s spirit’ that fans the flame of fire in the player to turn the match around to a promising end. Hence, at the apex of psychological pyramid governs emotion. A player’s emotional involvement in sports is not aberrant as far as his spiritual participation concerns. It is his emotion that rides roughshod over every other sensational aspect helping him to perform in the tournament and decides alone how he is going to bring off his conduct on the field.

How Do Athletes Manage their Emotion when They are Participating in Sports

The broad scale of emotion can extend from exciting instincts of a player to disappointments resulting from minor and major mistakes. It thus makes the athlete swing between the heights of euphoria on the one end, to abyss of frustration on the other delving him deep into the chasm of nowhere. Emotions are very powerful, in fact, powerful enough to turn out to be a vexatious annoyance that can hamper an athlete’s performance to serious magnitudes. They are quite strong to remain impactful in a player’s life that is capable of making him ponder over the loopholes in his past performance that took place in the former years of his playing.

Negative emotions are dangerous for a player

They can damage both the physique and psyche of the sportsperson. He tends to lose his essential intensity. When an athlete undergoes the mayhem of rage and inflicting exasperation, it gradually starts to cause shortness of breath, muscle tension and depletion of coordinating stimulations. It also extracts his energy making him perspire all over. It is absolutely and obviously very scientific in its execution. When one faces helplessness in the middle of a match, his excitement causing hormones drop down to a sharp measure impairing his performance for the next half of the tournament.

His physiological capabilities mar in the face of extreme despair

The discussion doesn’t end here. Negative emotions are alarming enough to shatter one’s confidence  into pieces of distress. Yes, emotions evolve to be this appalling that it causes decline in self-reliance leading one to a darkness of lost hope. Thence, the player starts giving in while fulfilling his athletic goals. Also, negative emotions are pretty atrocious as it keeps inciting a player’s motivating impulse.

A player often believes in luck and petty superstitious omens or prodigies which do not have scientific explanations to be specific. Now, when he meets a similar circumstance while positioning himself on the field before playing, his previous experience of either a hazard or a pleasure keeps recurring, interrupting his present frame of mind. This exhausts his competing spirit in every respect. These emotions that are linked with the aforementioned beliefs are popularly referred to as ‘baggage’. They hamper the athlete’s focus to play well disturbing his concentrating power considerably.

You often watch a player being disqualified or eliminated from the game when he projects series of psychological tensions while playing. These destructive methods of reaction often occur to become threat-provoking both for the player and for his team. The worst part is that, this set of concocted emotions tends to begin to be a set of routine habits. Therefore, the reaction of a player to certain situation happens to render so instinctive that it overrides not only his focus but also his skills that he kept shaping and cultivating over the tough years of preparatory phase.

Based on statistics

Statistics claim that athletes generally depict severe emotional responses and retort vehemently before media when they are marked having attempted smallest mistakes. Such menacing is an athlete’s retaliation. Hence, an athlete’s emotional jerky ride down through his gaming career is indeed an issue demanding attention from all over the world.

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