Germany vs Italy: The German team passes their biggest Obstacle

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It was a night that every German fan will not forget as they beat the Italian team for the first time in any competitive tournament. The German team looked promising on the cards with some world class and genuinely talented lads on their team but the Italian team were high on confidence after beating the defending champions Spain in style but it was not at all a one way tie as both team fought hard for the victory but couldn’t deliver a final blow to the opposition and that’s why the game was decided on the penalties. This match was very tense as the germans came out of it barley as the Italians put up a strong fight.

Germany vs Italy: The German team passes their biggest Obstacle

It was a performance where both mangers came up with some master class tactics but at the end of the day the German boss had the last laugh as he extracted a sweet revenge form the team that eliminated them last time around. The game looked brilliant as both team trying hard for their chance but it was the German team who found an opening in the solid Italian defense which was capitalized brilliantly by the Arsenal maestro Mesut Ozil but the Germany’s Jerome Boateng came up with a blunder as he handed the ball in bizarre circumstances which led to penalty being awarded to the Italian team.

Leonardo Bonucci, the star for Italy in this Euros Stepped up and scored from the spot kick to make things even. There was barley any action in the extra time and the match went straight for the penalty. It took 9 penalties from each team to decide the wiener when Jonahs Hector’s drilled his penalty right into the net before three germans missed their penalty in horrible fashion.

Germany finally overcome the Bogey Team

The buildup to this match predicted Germany as the winner but the German team got into their nerves as they were facing their arch nemesis. The Italians who have eliminated the German team four times they have met in the international tournament as it looked evident form the way three of Germany’s senior players missed the penalties and the blunder form their reliable centre back Jerome Boateng.  The German team had luck on their side as they were saved on both the occasion and the Manuel Neuer factor also came into the play.

Low complements Conte’s brilliance

Conte was applauded for his sensational tactical master plan that led to a clear domination of the Italian team on the defending champions but in this encounter he was perfectly matched by the German counterpart who implanted the same policy like the one conte used and thus in process making last night hero Julian Draxler sit on the bench. The plan did work for the German team not like the one in the 2012 tournament and they emerge victorious over their arch rivals. The team looked evenly balanced against the Italian team and the Italian team couldn’t dictate the game the way they did against the Spaniards.

Bonucci proves his worth

Before the match started, there was one common debate that who has been the best defender at this year’s Euros, Jerome Boateng or Leonardo Bonucci and the answer was there after the 90 minutes of the game. Both the defenders were brilliant in the match but when the moment came Jerome Boateng pampered which could have caused trouble for his team and on the other end his counterpart was cool and composed as he drilled past Manuel Neuer to score an equalizer foe his team and in process ending the debate once in for all.

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