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Germany’s young generation team can be rightfully trusted when the world champions line up for the much competitive Euro 2016 semi finals next week. The German team has earned it and have stood up to be counted in the first tournament victory over Italy in the match which took place on Saturday.

Germany Emerges As Victorious

Something had to give in Bordeaux as 1-1 draw on Saturday meandered to penalties. Italy made an amazing record of 4-0 against their rivals in the tournament knock out matches. Italy was jeopardised by Germany’s astonishing five simultaneous shootout triumphs. In a very close victory with 6-5 on penalties, Germany missed more spot kicks than they had in their entire history of shootouts. The minutes flew away at the speed of lightning. Loew’s most trusted players surprisingly failed to find their targets which lead to the ultimate missing of shootouts. Mesut Ozil, Thomas Mueller and Bastian Schweinsteiger, who have played 274 matches together for Germany, all fluffed their lines but still lived well to fight in another match. For this we can thank their teammates.

For Mesut, who inaugurated the scoring in the match that ended at a 1-1, it was his second penalty miss of the tounament. Meuller had yet to find the net in two European Championships despite a proud record of around 10 World Cup finals goals. Bastian who is hailed as the hero of World Cup 2014, was last to miss, firing over the bar with a frightful attempt that could be regarded as a symbolic changing of the guard. The injury plagued skipper has battled for form at Manchester United and looked well past his prime, as if ready to pass on the onus on a younger leader.

Failure of these experienced and expert threesome had little impact on the ultimate outcome. Young guns Joshua Kimmich , Jonas Hector and Julian Draxler were capable of keeping their cool in the light of challenging situation . They sent Germany on to a sixth consecutive semi final at yet another major tournament. Hector who has only 19 international caps to his name, changed the decisive penalty to give Germany a clear shooutout victory with 6-5.

The coach of team Germany

Joachim Loew and the popular goalkeeper, Mannuel Neuer highly praised the young players for stepping up to convert in their climactic penalty shootout against Italy. Loew told the jounalists that Germany usually has good penalty scorers although, they had not scored well in the match. The experienced players missed and the younger one’s scored. It was one great display of mantle and courage by Hector and Kimmich on such a stage. This fact cannot be denied.

“Takers one to five were clear quite quickly”, said Loew. He added, “We have to let players choose depending on their feelings. We know how much pressurized they are. It takes a lot of courage to step up.” Germany got the lead through Ozil’s 65 minute opener but the much competitive Italy equalised thirteen minutes later. This was when Lepnardo scored from the spot after Boateng’s handball. They had never missed a penalty in shootout since the year 1982 before Saturday’s drama but both Ozil and Meuller failed to hit the goal after Toni scored his spot kick.

Bonucci missed his penalty but Schweinsteiger went to unexplained sudden death. When Matteo’s effort was saved by Neuer, Hector stepped in his first ever shootout. “I took my heart in hands and just wanted to get that goal”, said an ecstatic Hector after the victory. Germans deserved this victory as their superior football prowess was very much evident throughout the match.

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