Do You Know How Many Types Of Cricket Matches Are Being Played?

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If you are a big fan of cricket then you must know the difference between an ODI and a test series but this is an article for them who are new to this and have the desire to know about the different forms of cricket that are being played across the countries and the teams from the different nations at different point of time. You might be a cricket enthusiast or a member of your cricket team and you have recently unfolded this side of yours, then you must be wondering why there are different forms of cricket while the game is same.

The answer to your question is really simple as there are different types of associations and thoughts and also it seems monotonous to play a game in the same way as every other day. There are different types of competitions where there is a limited time frame and to accommodate to that time frame there are different forms of cricket.

Do You Know How Many Types Of Cricket Matches Are Being Played?

The recent trend in cricket is the t20 matches or the as it is properly and officially called twenty-twenty matches. This is a perfect fit for the today’s generation as there is hardly time that one gets to watch a whole day (ODI). This is the well known format of the cricket because world cup is also plays in this formate, there is the main 50 over world cup still played after every 4 years. But the youth of the nation across the globe now are more focused on their career and no corporate office provides holiday for a cricket match.

The offices might have a television where the employees can watch the match but for how long? This is why even the cricket matches are now played in shorter time frame to keep the interest inside the fans without hampering anyone’s work. Moreover, at present, it is evident that everyone is very much attracted to new innovations and don’t put much time in one single thing which is why cricket is a losing its charmness. Change is constant and is good for providing the urge to watch the matches which don’t eat up much time.

Most favorite formats of cricket

The next thing which was always one of the most favorite formats of the cricket amongst the cricket lovers is the ODIs. It is the one day cricket matches where both the team plays the game and wins the match on that day itself.

In contrary to the ODIs, the test series which are though getting little popularity these days due to the long schedule are played over a span of a period like a month or so and the final results are cumulatively decided depending on the scores of each and every match played.

Why cricket is popular?

But what for the people who loves crickets and wants to play it for fun? No worries, you have options available for you whether you are an adult or seeking information for your kid. If you have a kid and wants him to play cricket, kwik cricket is the thing that you must go for from the beginning to build up the interest.

If you are at a beach and you are a cricket lover, play the beach cricket which is totally different from the actual cricket and don’t have certain rules and regulations and played for entertainment and fun.

If you are living in an area where the temperatures are extreme and it is not possible to play on the grounds, but you want to play cricket try the indoor cricket which is safe and secure and interesting too.

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