Different Types of Online Soccer Betting Options

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The online betting industry does not invest much money to advertise the existence of online soccer betting to the bettors. It occurs because soccer is the most popular sport in the world. How many options are provided in soccer betting? Which one is the better option? Read the explanation of different types of online soccer betting options.

Different Types of Online Soccer Betting Options

Different Types of Online Soccer Betting Options
Different Types of Online Soccer Betting Options

Win or Moneyline Bet

Win or Moneyline Bet is the most popular betting option in soccer betting. It occurs because it is simple to be understood. What are the differences? Actually, both of them are similar bet. There are no single significant differences. Term money line tends to be used in America and Canda, while term win is used over the world.

How to use it? The notion of this bet is to place the bet on a team which will win the match.  Apart from other betting options, this bet is the simplest one. Your winning depends on the performance of the team. Thus, make sure that bettors make a right decision. Dig out as many information as you can. The information has a great influence on your wager.

Total Betting

This bet is used on all sports betting and categorized as the simple betting system. Bettors do not need to predict who gets scored first or who the winner is. Your job is to make a prediction on how many goals occurs on the match. Instead of the winner, bettors should make a correct prediction on how many goals occurs. This bet is the easiest among the different types of online soccer betting options.

Ideally, bettors should predict the exact number of the goal. But, at the current time, sport betting sites provide a different system. The bettors can bet on the higher number or lower number of the real goal. For example, the final match of World Cup 2018, France versus Croatia. The final score is 4-2, or six-goal. The bettors who place bet higher than the final score categorize as the winner

Odd/Even Betting

Having similar idea with total betting, bettors should predict the final score of the match whether it is an odd number or even number. Take an example of Final match of European Champion League 2017/2018, Liverpool versus Real Madrid. The final score is 3-1, or four goals. Bettors who place the bet on even number get the prize.

Handicap Betting

Obviously, Handicap is used in various sports betting. Soccer, American football and basket are the examples of the kind sport that use this bet. For your information, handicap betting gains its popularity among the UK and European bettors. Meanwhile, American and Canada use terms straight betting. Regardless of the name, both straight and handicap are commonly used in soccer.

How is the idea of this bet? Underdog team or non-favorite team are be favored. This bet is designed to equalize the underdog team. Thus, the favorite team that has a busy schedule is the great target.


Online soccer betting is a viable option compared to other sports betting. The list of different types of online soccer betting options will motivate bettors around the world. Play now and register in this Sportsqq828 Trusted Online Sportsbook & Malaysia Live Betting Site.

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