5 Best Paying Toptrend Gaming Online Slots

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There is a strong reason why the 5 best paying toptrend gaming online slots are getting more popular these days. One factor might affect this condition: the big brand name. But the most important thing is the prize money. It should be both rational and valuable as well.

5 Best Paying Toptrend Gaming Online Slots

5 Best Paying Toptrend Gaming Online Slots
5 Best Paying Toptrend Gaming Online Slots


Released back in 2016, this game is copying the life story of Cleopatra. The players will bear to stay in front of their screen for hours. The details of the graphic is breathtaking. In addition, it also provides the 10.000 coins bonus from free spin.

There are 25 ways to bet and maximum 15 reels to display the items. One interesting feature is called the substitution symbol. When the symbol appears, the players could change it with any other symbols.

Eight Immortals

The basic story for this game is some mythical beings from Japanese old story. They include gods and some other historical symbols such as flowers, sea and mountains. Just like Cleopatra, the game offers 15 reels to let the players see the appearance of the symbol.

In addition to substitution symbol, Eight Immortals also offer the wild card. The minimum bet is $0.5 and the maximum bet goes up to $125. Does it worth? Well, the winning coins could reach up to 1.250.000.

Golden Dragon

Compared to the other slot games, Golden Dragon offers more reels. The normal slot is fifteen, this game could offer up to twenty reels. No wonder the players could win 1.875.000 coins when they hit the jackpot.

In total, there are 1.024 ways for the players to win the game. It takes one dollar for the minimum bet and almost 200 dollars for the maximum number. Clearly the Golden Dragon is not for the weak heart.

The Golden Amazon

The players who love the Amazon concept will surely fall for this game. The symbols include the Amazonian jungle animals: birds, frogs, snakes, tree and diamonds! The layout of this game is quite unique as well. It doesn’t plainly goes as 5×4. The layout is 3-4-5-4-3.

Minimum number for this game is $1. If the players want to go the maximum level? Then get $1250 ready on the bank account. Don’t forget that the number applies for each betting.

Fortuna 8 Cat

Many of the theme used in toptrend takes the concept from Chinese myths. One of them is the fortune cats. It includes the iconic cat as well as the frogs. There are twenty reels in total. At the same time, the players could bet on 1024 lines.

Think about the possibility to win 500.000 coins. The players need to put $1 deposit at least. If they get more money to spare, then go with $20 per betting. Choose the convenient one.

While playing the slot game, the players will spend hours on the game. Since playing slots are quite addictive, why should be satisfied with the fun? There are 5 best paying toptrend gaming online slots! Pick one and claim the prize in this Casinoonlineqq808 Top Casino Live Gaming Website in Malaysia.

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